Team Hestaband

Brittany Cameron

Eastern Equine Dynamics and Action K9
"The adhesive is like it's own super power. You will love it!"

Jennifer Lockert

Prairie Fire Equine Therapy 
"CHRISTA!! I am in love with Hestaband! Applied the tape at -2C with ZERO surface prep. This stuff is made for Canadian winters!"

Morgan Billings 

PK Rehab and Education Center
"I'm pretty impressed with this tape. No prep time and it is sticking through the rain!" 

Emily Kay Johnson

Xen Equine Massage in Motion
"Mad good stick! It lasted 9 days on my eventer that is ridden 5 days a week."

Christine Cull

Quinte Equine Massage
"Well, that had to be the nicest tape to apply. I love it."

Becky Denny

Whispering Equine Body Works
"This tape sticks great! It lasted almost a week!"